Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tubs of icecream purchased - 2
trips to windsor - 1
crushes on deborah conway - 1
nails picked and chewed - 9
number of dollars spent on vintage threads - 149
talented gents around me - 4
new songs - 2
Gigs in a week - 4
hours sleep - 5.5

Last night I dreamt I lived with Nicole Kidman and that I had to marry a fat dude with flaky skin to stop him from chasing all the children from stanmore primary school...

That's not got much to do with anything though, does it?

I'm not what you would call "Cool". I have never been a trendy or accepted into groups that are happening in a far out way... Heck, once in highschool I received an exercise book full of threats from a bunch of young women telling me that I would never change and never be cool and just give up now and kill myself or they'd do it for me! It was a wonderful time and is a wonderful thing to be told you're so super duper swell, particulalry at a time when you're so confident and attractive and not-akward! Thanks ladies!

Anyway... where was I... OH YES! Not cool!

Last night, I played a support set for the effervescent Deborah Conway. DAMN is that woman cool! She just oozed ease and comfort and clarity and personality and charm. If I could somehow bottle what she has and harness her cool, even 10% of her cool, then I would be the coolest twentysomething ever!

I bought some chocolate brown bowling shoes with big chunky heels... I can't wait to wear them someday!

I'm no longer interesting tonight. The end.

Not cool!

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